Why Site Search Matters in 2022

Your search results page is a critical touchpoint on your site where engaged customers are asking questions, but is it delivering for your business? Nothing frustrates users more than seeing No Results, Not Found, or a list of irrelevant results when they search. Even if you've built a site with streamlined navigation and valuable content, if your search user experience is subpar, you will lose your audience and erode trust in your brand.

So what do your customers need? They expect Google-like results when they search. Every time. That means providing autocomplete, spell correction, and real-time indexing so users can find more information on that new product or content that was just released. And make it fast!

parametric search

Beyond browsing

When users employ your site search, they are on a mission — they are ready to buy or they need information urgently. Your mission is to ensure that search leads to a shopping cart checkout or a document download. Give prospects what they need now, and they will remain on your site; if not, they will bounce to another search engine or competitor.

There’s another compelling reason to optimize your site search. When your site search works, search engines will deliver better results for you. In upgrading your search, you will have the opportunity to implement some best practices that the search engines value in their algorithms. Perhaps most importantly, you’ll be able to boost what matters most to your business.

To help you define a roadmap for the most important improvements you need to make in the near term, start with search analytics. Capturing data about actual user behavior, such as the content and products that your users seek, is invaluable.
Most companies understand that search on their site needs to be more than just a search bar. Yet, they’ve neglected this vital tool because they lack the resources or time to devote to it. Actually, a small investment in leveling up your search would yield immediate and visible results. Big Zeta has a SaaS-based solution proven to deliver results; Keyword Search can be seamlessly incorporated into your website with an easy-to-implement script. That means no development from your IT team or additional hardware. Most importantly, you will delight — and engage — your customers, impress all the executives, and help chart the course for future growth. Let’s start a conversation about how we can work together to achieve your business objectives; contact us today at https://www.bigzeta.com/contact-us/.

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