Why Site Search Matters in 2023

Digital presence is all the rage, but can you think of the one element that would make you stand out from the pack? Kick-ass content.

High-quality content increases your chances of ranking high for key terms while engaging prospects and nurturing leads because you are serving up the content they seek.

But how do you get there? How prepared are you to up your content game?

Your staff might be strong in advertising copywriting, and you’re thinking that would translate into the kind of marketing technical content that engineers want. The truth is those are two different kinds of writing. At Big Zeta, we have the experience and expertise to curate, assess, manage and write the content you need to meet your users’ expectations. Our team combines story-telling with technical knowledge to support your marketing content needs. Writing for a technical audience demands a concise and to-the-point writing style as part of the narrative that captures your company’s messaging. And getting your company’s messaging on point is half the battle (or more).

Focus on these four areas to start delivering the level of content that your engineering audience expects:

Know Your Audience

Now that you’ve committed to writing content that your readers will value, you need to manage that content. Create a content calendar that will help you stay on track to ensure that you publish fresh content regularly. Measure the success of your content with analytics. You’ll quickly learn about the kinds of articles that resonate with your users. Then you’ll adjust your strategy by making data-driven decisions. The ultimate goal is to become a thought leader. Demonstrate that you are a solutions provider, not merely a parts catalog. It’s one thing to understand where the industry is headed and what changes are needed to keep growing. But if you don’t write about it and share your vision with your audience, your expertise will remain a well-kept secret.

Optimize Your Site Content

Is your current site content well-written? Is it concise and punchy, or is it filled with tired marketing cliches that drain the energy from the page? We can accomplish a lot by taking your current content and editing it to enhance readability and sharpen the messaging. In doing so, we improve the user experience in both conscious and unconscious ways. In addition, we’ll improve the SEO so you don’ forfeit readers — and conversion opportunities. This is a numbers game you cannot afford to lose.

Time for a Better CMS?

Are you stuck using outdated technology? Does your content management system hinder your team’s agility and efficiency? We have vast experience recommending a CMS that meets your needs, and then we will migrate the content from the old to the new CMS. Transitioning to a new CMS is a huge undertaking, but our team has helped high-tech clients with high volumes of content and data to migrate. Our exhaustive and meticulous planning streamlines the process. And our detail-driven quality assurance process and CMS training of your team make this a turnkey service.

How Interactive Is Your Content?

Imagine how you would stand out from your rivals if you produced a digital magazine that tackles important industry issues? In recent years, the lines between media sites and industry leaders have blurred. Your team brings an expertise about the industry that few can match. Unfortunately they are not trained writers and editors. We are. Let’s collaborate and create opportunities. Educational videos, podcasts, webinars all offer advantages over old-school articles. Blending content types just might make the perfect marketing recipe.

Every company, regardless of the industry, has a story to tell. Big Zeta has the expertise to help you tell your story through a variety of content pieces — from revamped product descriptions to thought leadership articles, white papers and everything in between. Together, we’ll craft a customized content creation program, and you’ll reap the benefits:

• Increase your rank on Google
• Establish your industry expertise and build trust with your audience
• Help you reach new audiences
• Increase the time that audiences spend on your site
• Increase leads and conversions

Content Management
the Write Way

Whether you’re hoping to sell more product or tell your story, our content specialists know what your audience is looking for.


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