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Keyword search on B2B high tech websites is one of the important places users go to find answers fast, but it is often the most neglected area on company websites. Big Zeta’s free keyword reviews help B2B companies understand where their search is strong and where there are opportunities for improvement. Our team of search experts performs a comparison of your existing keyword capabilities on your site to Big Zeta keyword search capabilities.

Why Do a Keyword Search Review

✓ Completely free

✓ Compares your search with best practices

✓ Conducted by search experts

✓ You’ll receive a free search review in .ppt to share with your team

Big Zeta Keyword Search Review

Keyword Search Features

Maximize Big Zeta Keyword Search via a site crawl or through connectors into your content and product systems.


Keep your results up to date with automated refreshes. Know that your site is displaying the latest results.



Help your customers easily and quickly configure parts on your site with Big Zeta’s search configuration tools.



Big Zeta Search selectors allow you to provide tailored selection flows that help your customers better understand your product offerings while constantly refining their search.



Keyword Search Features

Put us to the test, and we'll compare your site search with Big Zeta Site Search. Gain valuable real-world insights on your keyword site search and how Big Zeta can help you take search to the next level.