Taking Digital Transformation to the Next Level in the Electronics Industry

Join the conversation as Kylie Wangenheim, Business Development Manager at Big Zeta, and Steve Cholas, Big Zeta Vice President of Global Business Development, discuss the importance of digital transformation and the need to humanize the digital experience.

Cholas, who says that one of the most important questions companies have to face is whether or not they’ve accepted the necessity of digital transformation, explains that companies need to examine their own processes and define what digital transformation means to them. Though the digital landscape can be intimidating and somewhat unclear, companies of all sizes face the same fundamental challenges.

Wangenheim emphasizes the importance of identifying a starting place that can make a difference, and how crucial it is to understand how digital presence fits into a company’s larger ecosystem. Using her own access to technology throughout her life, she describes the significance of getting found quickly, as well as the need to capture users by providing the right answers and resources, keeping businesses and buyers in mind.

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