Amidst an industry shift that requires real time analytics, easy to access information, and an optimized buyer journey, Big Zeta offers data services for the changing times. By increasing awareness, engagement, and acquisition through smart data strategies, we help you create a better experience for your customers.

Data Services

Why Big Zeta?

With a deep focus on the electronics industry, Big Zeta helps suppliers and distributors strengthen their digital presence through strategy, execution, and transformation. Our Product Information Management (PIM) solutions seek to overthrow the internally focused and long outdated spreadsheets and databases that once housed your product information. As we continue to move forward to more interconnected digital systems, your data management tools need to keep up with the pace and make use of new tools and technologies.

Why Big Zeta

Data Management Capabilities

data coverage evaluation

Data coverage evaluation

data harvesting

Data harvesting

data normalization

Data normalization

allowable value management

Allowable values management


PIM set up and seeding

gap analysis

Gap analysis and recommendation


Taxonomy and parametric template creation

Why Upgrade Data and Data Capabilities?

• Data is the fuel of a great customer experience
• Centralized data can be used in more advanced tools
• Data can be leveraged through multiple platforms and makes use of the full company  ecosystem
• Helps to increase awareness, engagement, and acquisition
• Optimizes the buyer journey and company investments

why upgrade


Big Zeta has the time, tools, and expertise to guide your data strategy, storage, and maintenance. Let us worry about the data and you do what you do best.



With our years of industry experience, we can help you identify the most innovative solutions for your data. This allows us to have the best chance to leverage your data.



We’re dedicated to creating systems that make the process of introducing new content, maintaining existing content, and decentralizing data seamless. A cohesive system benefits everyone with ease of use, deployment, and maintenance.



To fully unleash your products, data-driven activities should be mapped to the buyer’s journey. Our team of experts is trained to help you design your strategy and path forward

Because Big Zeta specializes in helping companies achieve digital transformation by streamlining the online customer experience, we’re able to create a holistic approach to ecommerce based on buyer needs, cutting-edge design, strategy, content creation and 
management, and custom tools.

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