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Keyword Site Search tailored for high tech b2b companies looking to provide the search capabilities their customers deserve.


Out of the box parametric search capability tailored expressly to help b2b high tech companies find their products quickly and easily.


Help your customers easily and quickly configure parts on your site with Big Zeta’s search configuration tools.


Looking for a quick and easy way to help customers walk down select paths to find your products? Big Zeta Search selectors allow you to provide tailored selection flows that help your customers better understand your product offerings while constantly refining their search.


Keyword search on B2B high tech websites is one of the important places users go to find answers fast, but it is often the most neglected area on company websites. Big Zeta’s free keyword reviews help B2B companies understand where their search is strong and where there are opportunities for improvement. Our team of search experts performs a comparison of your existing keyword capabilities on your site to Big Zeta keyword search capabilities.

Companies that engage with us in a search review often gain great new insights on where they can make improvements. The Big Zeta keyword review is completely free, usually can be done with no action required on your part, and you walk away with a comparative overview that you can use as you see fit. Sign up today.

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