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Pillars of SearchWhitepaper
July 26, 2020

Pillars of Site Search

Why Read this Ebook Helping design engineers find the right component fast is at the heart of any electronics component manufacturer or distributor’s digital presence. Not getting search right results…
Why Tech Search is DifferentInfographic
May 15, 2020

Why Tech Search Is Different

B2C Search Simple admin portal No to low context Simple buyer’s journey Simple demand funnel Small product offering (SKUs) Simple search boosting Small number of web pages and documents Limited…
survey headerInfographic
April 24, 2020

Tech Search Matters

Design engineers expect fast and accurate tech search #1 Preferred Supplier keyword search is the go-to search method 93% Brand Confidence Nearly all design engineers say high-functioning keyword search is…
January 28, 2020

Technical Search: The Gateway to B2B Conversions

Introduction Too often, B2B buyers receive zero or inaccurate results when they use the search functions of electronics suppliers or distributors. A well-functioning technical search offers pinpoint accuracy and helpful…
survey headerResearch
January 22, 2020

Site Search: A Critical Tool, But Is It Meeting User Needs?

Survey reveals key insights into parametric and keyword search Introduction Google has built its success on a foundation of effective searches — a user-first mentality that delivers immediate results tailored…