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“Over the past two and a half years, we had just been trying to figure out what the best way to showcase the attributes of our products was,” says Jason Liu says Jason Liu, Digital Marketing Project Manager at Bivar. The company, who is a
70% of respondents said that SEO is superior to pay-per-click marketing for generating sales, according to a Databox survey. The era of interrupt ads is over, replaced by high-tech B2B website content that
In February of 2020, we were working on redeveloping our physical sample case that our sales people would carry around to show customers. And, three weeks later
From a business perspective, it is essential to understand the parts and pieces required to build a site that offers both an exceptional User Experience (UX) and an aesthetic User Interface (UI). UI provides the form (how it looks), while UX offers the function
Digital presence is all the rage, but can you think of the one element that would make you stand out from the pack? Kick-ass content. High-quality content increases your chances of ranking high for key terms while engaging prospects and nurturing leads
Your search results page is a critical touchpoint on your site where engaged customers are asking questions, but is it delivering for your business? Nothing frustrates users more than seeing No Results, Not Found, or a list of irrelevant results when
Big Zeta was the only company that understood our industry and was able to provide valuable and tangible feedback that not only supported our strategy but enhanced it. “We reached out to five companies to understand
With the potential to reach a global audience, the ROI is too great to ignore these tools any longer. Those companies unwilling to improve the ways engineers and buyers find products online are going to find it