Ready to Eclipse Your Competitors? Beat Them at Content

The era of interrupt ads is over, replaced by high-tech B2B website content that delivers user value and makes your brand stand out. Today’s marketing mission is to develop content that does more than hawk your products in a way that screams, “I’m an ad.” Time-constrained engineers, and their managers, need a solutions-oriented approach that helps them do their jobs.

• What obstacles do engineers face in system design?
• What information will help them solve their problems?
• Does your website offer resources that enhance your brand’s reputation as a solutions provider?

Still stuck in the “ads are best” world? Let’s look at five compelling reasons that high-quality website marketing content easily beats conventional ads.

  1. Your prospect’s customers expect to consume this content on your site. According to a Forrester survey, 74% of B2B buyers conduct research online prior to making a purchase. You have a choice: Provide that valuable and educational content or cede that business to your competitors. According to a HubSpot 2020 survey, 70% of marketers are actively investing in content marketing.
  2. Content marketing gives you the opportunity to take a step back from quick-hitting product promos and ads to tackle the problems your users face by offering in-depth analysis. How-to articles and videos are winners with technical audiences. As in the B2C world, B2B buyers expect branded content to educate them. That educational material has taken on even greater importance during the pandemic, as trade shows and conferences have been canceled.
  3. Users, especially those with technical training (i.e., engineers) trust informational articles more than they trust ads. Intelligent, problem-solving content enhances your brand. Consider developing a mix of content types: blogs, case studies, customer testimonials, white papers, webinars and podcasts.
  4. Content can make or break your Google rankings. Organic search is critical to driving traffic to your website, meaning you need to incorporate SEO into all aspects of your content publishing.
  5. Messaging. Blue-chip companies with deep pockets still struggle to master the art of messaging. First, you need to understand why your customers choose your brand. Then you need to carefully craft your value propositions so they are clear, direct, hard-hitting and accurate. For example, electronic components suppliers compete on product quality, reliability, price, customer service, breadth of portfolio, prompt delivery, technical support and innovation. But each supplier markets its products based on one or two of those value propositions. If you don’t understand your own strengths and cannot articulate them clearly, you will lose competitive ground. In addition, messaging needs to be consistent across an organization. Sometimes, large companies suffer from siloed Bus.

When users consume your content, will they bounce in search of better insights, or will they drill down to your product pages?

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