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Guide engineers toward a working solution

Big Zeta’s product configurator offers a great solution for any product structure in which a visual might enhance the decision making process. Give your customers a guided journey flow that provides more contextual search capabilities than ever before. 



From general to specific

Even if you lack the resources to manage complex routing logic or great UI/UX, your customers deserve a product configurator designed by industry experts. Let Big Zeta help you fit a top of the line product configurator into your buyer’s journey


Easy to install, easy to use

Allow your customers to move from general to acutely specific search queries with a product configuration wizard that easily integrates with parametric search and keyword search, CMS, PIM, MAP, and CRM. 


Why offer a product configurator?

Design analytics are important for growth, and our product configurator offers the best, helping you understand what drives your customers toward the outcomes of your choosing. We’re focused on growing your company by providing a guided customer experience that is second to none.