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During this protracted global pandemic, we’ve been forced to do everything from home. This new normal has meant living online, or virtually, for almost everything: work, grocery shopping, entertainment, and gatherings with family and friends. For the first time in history, digital sales have surpassed traditional sales. Although the corporate world already had been trending in that direction, the pandemic signaled a major turning point.

As a business, how should you respond? Whether you’re large or small, the first step is to recognize the change in the tides and determine how you can maximize your profits under the circumstances. How can you sell your products most effectively while preserving the confidence and loyalty of your customers? It’s quite simple–embrace digital! Make it easy for potential customers to browse through and purchase your products without having to visit your brick-and-mortar business. And what better way to search for products than through a parametric search.

So how can you accomplish all of this? First, improve the buyer’s journey. But what exactly is the buyer’s journey? It is the experience the buyer has leading up to a purchase. It’s divided into three major stages: awareness, consideration, and decision. First, customers become aware, through ads or marketing, that they need a product. They have multiple requirements that drive the product details. Last, they compare multiple brands and choose the one that best suits their needs. It is imperative that you improve the buyer’s journey on your website to maximize the chances that customers will purchase your products. This is where a parametric search becomes an essential tool, especially in the technology industry.

A suitable parametric search can enhance the buyer’s journey because it makes the user experience more efficient with an easy-to-use, manipulable interface that delivers accurate results. So why would it be important to improve your site’s user experience? Because more than 90% of customers gain confidence and highly rate sellers that offer a strong parametric search. And the more confidence they have in sellers, the greater the chance they will make a purchase and return for repeat business. In fact, a site with search optimization will see an increase in conversion rate of 43% more than its previous averages.

This is also applicable to selling your products more effectively because a proper parametric search can ensure a smooth journey for the customers that are searching for their desired product. If you give customers a comfortable and satisfying feeling while they are on your site, they will likely remember you and your distinct services. Take the example of a restaurant that offers exceptional service. The servers meet your needs and demonstrate good manners, the food comes earlier than expected, disruptive customers are appropriately handled, and they even hand out freebies, such as a wine sample. The customers remember the entire experience. The same is true for a parametric search. An appropriate parametric search gives customers a simple and easy way to browse your catalogue of products just by selecting their desired parameters rather than painstakingly reviewing each product to find what they seek. The quicker they find their desired product, the higher the chance they will purchase. A parametric search will even show the customers similar products that might also interest them and might even lead to additional business.

So how does this ensure customer loyalty? Well, if you guarantee a consistent, positive user experience, customers invariably will return. Consistency begets confidence. In fact, they will tell other potential customers about their experience, possibly drawing more people to your site and increasing sales.

Indeed, strong parametric search delivers multiple benefits:

  1. Expands the avenues from which a customer can purchase your product. Instead of only buying at physical branches, customers have the option to buy online.
  2. Enhances the buyer’s online journey by delivering an easy and seamless experience.
  3. Increases sales.
  4. Boosts customer confidence and ultimately loyalty.
  5. Eliminates preventable loss, which occurs when customers are frustrated with your site and bounce from it.

A future with parametric search holds many benefits and can maximize your profits. If you have questions or are considering your own parametric search.

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