Micros Case Study
micros case study

“Before I knew about Big Zeta, I reached out to three or four different digital marketing firms. They had certain areas they specialized in, but they didn’t have direct experience within the industry,” says Christopher Stabile, Corporate Marketing Communications Director at Micross, a complete provider of advanced microelectronic services and component, die, and wafer solutions.

“I talked to one company that was close–they had the manufacturing experience, but not the microelectronics or semiconductor experience. What drew us even closer to Big Zeta was the direct experience and clients they’d worked with. It reduced the learning curve.” Important, he explains, for highly technical companies that want to move quickly. “We were impressed with the extensive and overall knowledgebase of the Big Zeta team.”

Micross first contacted Big Zeta on a referral from an industry colleague. Previously, they’d used their website for informational purposes, and a basic version of Google Analytics had sufficed. However, new management brought new objectives. Now, they sought to create a site that would generate leads, accurately track campaigns, and measure the impact of marketing efforts using more advanced Google and SEO functionality.

“As we were beginning other marketing initiatives, being able to accurately track all our campaigns and measure effectiveness became more important,” Stabile says. “Big Zeta’s extensive knowledge in SEO and Google, as well as access to other resources, made them stand out.”

Micros Dashboard

Because Micross is a trusted source for aerospace, defense, space, medical, and industrial markets with a breadth of solutions for every stage of the product life cycle, strong search is critical. With Big Zeta, they worked to implement keyword search that improved the findability of their products and services for visitors in a highly technical space. In the first phases of the project, Big Zeta defined the key facets of Micross site search, determined the data to be indexed, and established requirements for a search results interface. Then, they worked on implementation of full text search, synonym tables, and search results, quickly launching keyword search on the Micross site.

Among Big Zeta’s goals in working with Micross was to provide insight into user habits, which offers valuable, actionable analytics on things like product interest. By building upon basic Google Analytics functions, Big Zeta helped deliver insights on search performance, existing user engagement, and new engagement through analytics dashboards.

“It’s been a genuine pleasure working with the Big Zeta team on this project,” Stabile says.

Although this sounds complicated, Stabile says he found the process easy. “I was impressed with the way it was organized from the beginning, specifically in the sharing of the project plan and milestones, as well as the scheduling of associated Zoom meetings. Anytime we’ve reached out with questions, Big Zeta was very responsive and worked well with our team. We give the process an A+.”

Finally, because Micross offers broad access to die and wafer supplies, comprehensive advanced packaging, assembly, modification, and test capabilities, they wanted to make sure that users who needed their services could find them. Together, Big Zeta and Micross optimized pages, improved search engine rankings, and increased site visibility.

Now, Micross can track the effectiveness of their site through Google Data Studio and provide a top-notch digital experience for customers conducting searches. And, thanks to backend fixes, the Micross website functionality has improved, and they’re more easily found on search engines like Google.

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