Made for B2B Search

Built to meet the complex needs of B2B companies, Big Zeta Keyword Search is easy to deploy and maintain, while offering sophisticated management and reporting of your search program.

Real-Time Analytics

Access the latest keyword search analytics in real-time — whenever you want. Our analytics delivers the information you need to optimize your search capabilities.

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Accurate and Fast

Stop worrying about whether your search results are unreliable or your user experience too slow. Our cutting-edge technology simply delivers.

Rev Your Search Engine

Start prioritizing site search. With our leading-edge functionality and robust analytics platform, you can finally make keyword search a critical part of your digital strategy.

Keyword Search Features


Maximize Big Zeta Keyword Search via a site crawl or through connectors into your content and product systems.

Daily Updates

Keep your results up to date with automated refreshes. Know that your site is displaying the latest results.

Cloud Integration

Stop relying on multiple teams to build, secure and maintain your keyword search engine.
Ours is a secure and scalable SaaS solution.

Hassle-Free Rollout

Get our Keyword Search running without code. Simply use our automated website crawler and drop a javascript embed code into your page template.

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How do I start?

It’s easy: Send us your website address for indexing, and we’ll start your search engine — no coding required. To learn how Big Zeta can improve your search, request a Keyword Health Report.

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We know B2B

100+ years of combined development experience

We speak your language

By engineers, for engineers. Big Zeta helps deepen your digital presence through strategy, execution and transformation.

Data-Driven to the core

We focus on analytics so you can optimize your search. Our products are born of empirical data and constant-feedback cycles.

Think big picture

Our holistic, customer-facing platforms work together to drive acquisition, engagement, and conversion.

Winning Strategies

Accelerate buyer's journeys and demand funnels to help deliver business outcomes that excite the C-suite.

Keyword Search FAQs

Q: How do I apply our company style to your search offerings?

A: There are multiple ways to update your company look-and-feel, dependent on the Big Zeta subscription package.

Q: Do you pull from my content management system (CMS)?

A: Typically, we create a search index by performing a site scrape. Big Zeta can integrate with most major content management systems through APIs.

Q: Do you pull from my product information management (PIM) system?

A: Typically, we create a search index by crawling your site. Big Zeta has other integration methods we can work with you on.

Q: Do you include auto-complete?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you include spellcheck?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you include phrase matching?

A: Yes.

Q: How often does Big Zeta Keyword Search update?

A:  It depends on your Big Zeta subscription.

Q: Does your search engine handle search into PDFs?

A: Yes, we can search for and extract data from PDFs.

Q: What is the electronics synonym table?

A: We provide an electronics-specific synonym table, which our engineering team continuously updates.

Q: Do you allow company-specific synonym tables?

A: Yes, you can build and modify your own synonym tables, depending on your level of subscription.