Electronics Product Pages 2021

Creating great product pages in the electronics industry is central to a great digital presence. With more people working remotely, the ability to sell products and services over the web has never been more important.

The disruptions of 2020, compounded with the rising digital expectations of millennial engineers, (whose influence is only growing), has put electronics companies on notice to move quickly and stay competitive.

Electronics companies come to Big Zeta to take their digital presence and their products pages to a new level. As we’ve worked with clients we’ve identified some key areas of consideration in creating great product pages.

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Business Aligned Product Pages

Digital has transformed from “nice to have” to “digital first” to “digital always,” which requires alignment across digital, marketing, sales and engineering. By taking business goals, internal stakeholder experience and customer insights as inputs in the creation of optimized product pages, you create experiences that delight customers and exceed business goals. Big Zeta has a breadth of experience with electronics companies, where we’ve worked to strategize with internal stakeholders to build product pages that differentiate offerings in the market and result in an increase in key conversion metrics.


Get to Know Your Users

A deep understanding of your users is indispensable in 2021, but many electronics companies lack any real type of user insights. This valuable information can be gleaned from research exercises like focus groups, usability studies and persona and buyer journey programs. These customer insight programs, merged with behavioral and conversion metrics from your analytics and business intelligence systems, can give you the insights you need to optimize your product pages. Big Zeta works with clients of all sizes, conducting customer research and gathering product page data. Then, we help companies take these insights and operationalize them into their digital presence programs.


Know the Competitive Landscape

One of the best ways to improve your company product pages is to keep an eye on your competition. Often, competitors spend a huge amount of time and effort on new capabilities on their product pages, and these new capabilities can provide insights for new directions on your product pages. Performing an evaluation within a competitive framework to include things like UI/UX design, content types, types of transactions, demand funnel entry points, and even innovation provides valuable insights, which allow digital teams to better prioritize strategic directions. Big Zeta has worked with many clients to provide competitive analysis and
key insights, which lead to the design and development of better product pages for our clients.

Fusing Design and Utility

Engineers repeatedly ask for product pages that make it easy to get the key information they need to make decisions, though this need for utility doesn’t mean they don’t respect well designed product pages. Because of their complexity compared to many B2C product pages, B2B electronics product pages require smart, functional design. Big Zeta has design and development teams with years of experience in the electronics industry who know how to create well designed product pages that exceed the expectations of electrical engineers. Our system architects and developers know what it takes to optimize code and the backend tech stack to allow for the type of flexibility, future-proofing and maintainability great product pages require.

There’s never been a more important time for electronics companies to update their product pages. Engineers still see supplier sites as the number one destination for part finding, with distributor sites as the third most popular destination. The battle to gain engineering mind share has never been greater. Our clients are showing a readiness and a commitment to breakthrough past roadblocks and to make significant changes to their product pages as they seek to connect with engineers and drive higher customer satisfaction and overall conversion across their digital touchpoints.

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The Right Content, Data, and Transactions

Electrical engineers want the important information around a product all on one page so they don’t have to hunt all over a distributor or supplier website to find the product information they need to make key decisions. In the electronics industry, companies often have product information spread across their sites in places where the customer would never know to look for it and where it cannot be found by search. But getting all the content on one page doesn’t necessarily solve the problem. Throwing everything on a poorly designed product page can actually confuse the customer as they try to sort out where the key information is on the product page. Big Zeta works with clients to build product pages that pull the right pieces of content, data and accompanying transactions in the right time and place, by taking a holistic approach on how content, data, transactions and back-end systems come together to create outstanding product pages.

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Site Search Matters

93% of electrical engineers cited site search as an important component in establishing vendor confidence. Search is heavily used during research, prototyping and conceptualizing design phases of the design cycle, critical stages where keeping engineers positively engaged matters. Because distributors and suppliers have thousands of parts on their websites, keyword and parametric search are often the first place engineers go when researching a product. In our work in the electronics industry, we’ve yet to run into a prospect or customer of any size who thinks their search is optimal. Big Zeta keyword and parametric search were developed expressly for the electronics industry, and have helped electronics companies take a major step forward in meeting the search expectations of their customers.


The Right Back-End

Your customer will never see the tech stack behind your product pages, but it can make all the difference in what you’re able to do there. Content management systems (CMS), product information systems (PIM), eCommerce engines, customer portals, personalization engines and marketing automation platforms should all integrate to increase your ability to serve customers, reach your business goals and scale–while not overwhelming your digital teams. Customers often come to Big Zeta with solutions that are too lightweight for their business needs, or too complex for their digital teams to support. Big Zeta is technology-agnostic and we work with clients to select the right tech stack for them and their business, or to help them better utilize the tech stack they have in place.


Emerging Trends

The ability to leverage future trends can act as a significant differentiator for electronics companies who want to make their product pages stand out. Machine learning and artificial intelligence, deeper customer knowledge, robust personalization, and customer intent detection can lead to higher conversions on product pages when companies know how to best utilize them as part of a larger strategy. Many of these emerging trends are especially useful in the electronics industry because of the complexity across their product pages.

Digitizing the Electronics Industry

Electronics component companies want their prospects and customers to find the right product as quickly as possible on their website. But, while that’s the goal, many electronics companies struggle with poor website design and architecture, overly complex interaction design and poor keyword and parametric search.

Electronics companies come to Big Zeta in search of a partner who can help make their website and digital touch points cutting edge. Most of our clients engage with Big Zeta again and again as they work to reach their digital goals. Big Zeta provides digital strategy, keyword and parametric SAAS products, custom solutions and digital design tools. We help electronics companies create digital solutions that delight customers and help our clients reach their digital goals.


Digital Presence:

Companies rely on Big Zeta to help build electronics industry focused websites and digital touchpoints that exceed their digital expectations. Our team of web designers, subject matter experts, and development and support teams have considerable experience in digital products in the electronics industry. We partner with companies to design or redesign their websites, plan and implement their tech stack, and create the processes and integrations to leapfrog the competition.

Includes: Website Design, Content Review and Creation, Data Review and Creation, Content Management Implementation, Product Information Management Implementation, eCommerce Planning and Implementation, Analytics and Business Intelligence Planning and Implementation.


Digital Strategy

Big Zeta engages with clients of all sizes in the electronics industry to put together an innovative, customer focused and supportable digital strategy. This strategy examines all facets of a digital presence as we map our client’s business goals to the personas and buyer journeys of the industry.

Includes: Executive Strategy Meeting, User/Usability Research, System Architecture Planning.

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Most companies in the electronics industry feel like their search capabilities leave room for improvement. Big Zeta has developed SAAS-based keyword and parametrics search engines built off the elastic search engine, tailored expressly for the electronics industry to optimize the search experience for your users.


Digital Services:

Big Zeta has digital experts with years of electronics experience in implementing tools and services that help customers find your products quickly and easily.

Includes: Analytics/Business Intelligence, Content, Data, Demand Generation and UI/UX Design.

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Design Tools:

Electronics companies consistently struggle with design tools. They want to engage the customer more deeply in the middle part of the design process, but don’t have the internal resources or experience in building out these types of online tools. Companies come to Big Zeta looking for ways to engage engineers in the research and conceptualize design and prototyping stages of the buyer’s journey, capitalizing on Big Zeta’s experience building design tools for some of the biggest electronics distributors and suppliers in the industry.

Includes: Block Diagram Builder, Design Calculators, Design Studios, Product Selectors, Product Configurators.


Custom Projects:

Electronic component companies come to Big Zeta with new digital ideas for use on their website and digital presence. Big Zeta’s stable of experienced strategists, subject matter experts, and developers work to turn ideas into a reality, helping our customers differentiate themselves from the competition.



Big Zeta offers a comprehensive menu of services designed to help customers reach their goals. Select from customizable plans combining analytics, content management, data services, demand generation, product information, strategy, and web design to propel your business to new heights.

Engineers on the Move in 2020


with cost


with speed




Doing more
with less


Concerned with working fast

- Mind of the Engineer

Weiss Case Studyx2

By the time Michael Fraede joined Weiss GmBH as CEO, the company had already invested two years and thousands of dollars into its new website development. Despite the investment of both time and dollars, the yet unreleased site was roadblocked by technical errors and a lackluster interface.

With a launch deadline fast approaching, Mr. Fraede made the difficult decision to halt the project, parting ways with the firm that had done the work. He knew that the new site would need to wow visitors with a modern user experience, put accurate data at their fingertips, and clearly guide them down the buyer’s journey.

Back at square one, Mr. Fraede turned to Big Zeta with tremendous expectations and very little time after one of his technology partners, Manfred Blumoser, recommended the company. Mr. Blumoser emphasized to Mr. Fraede Big Zeta’s ability to deliver on commitments, as well as its industry expertise. With no time to waste, Mr. Fraede moved forward with confidence, noting Big Zeta’s breadth of experience. “[Big Zeta] is an international company. They work with technical companies, and they know how to set up technical sites,” he said. “They showed me their references, and that was convincing to me.”

Choosing a vendor to build a B2B site’s digital presence is about more than technical chops, though. Soft skills matter, and Mr. Fraede was pleased to find his interactions with Big Zeta also built confidence. “The [Big Zeta] guys were good on the phone. They were smart. They were friendly. They were customer-oriented. They were listening,” he said. “This whole picture gave me a good enough feeling to say, ‘Yeah, I’ll give them my trust.’”Once Big Zeta and Weiss kicked off their business relationship, time was of the essence. The meandering two-year progress from the previous vendor had pushed Weiss up against a tight website launch deadline. Could Big Zeta scrap the board and deliver a highly functional and technically accurate website in just four weeks?

Big Zeta had to finish the project, hand it off to Weiss’ development team, and push the site live—all before Weiss made an appearance at a large virtual trade show.

Strict deadlines call for streamlined communication, and Mr. Fraede was impressed by Big Zeta’s style. “I appreciated that we had fixed calls every week for a certain period of time. We had the feeling that with so little time, we had to get the most out of [those calls],” he said. “By the end of the calls, everybody had a clear understanding of what their task was for the next week. It gave me a lot of confidence.”

“Big Zeta knew exactly what it took to run a project, and to execute it,” Fraede says.

But it wasn’t just Mr. Fraede’s approval that mattered—an entire company was depending on Big Zeta’s ability to design a comprehensive site. “Big Zeta knew exactly what it took to run a project, and to execute it. I had good confidence when my own people reported to me, ‘Yeah, they are delivering. They do what they say they will do.’ ”

By the end of the four-week crunch (eight weeks total once the project was handed off to Weiss’ development team), the site was up and running––and it was everything owner Uwe Weiss hoped it would be when he envisioned his company’s digital presence two years prior.

With a bleeding-edge interface and the technical fidelity that comes only with a web developer specialized in B2B, the Weiss website was wracking up engagement. In the first week alone, Mr. Fraede himself was receiving numerous calls from people who had organically accessed the site.

“When I first saw the website on two different mobile devices—a Samsung and an iPhone—I realized I could browse the site on five different sizes of screens and it still looks good. That’s when you know you’re working with professionals,” Mr. Fraede said.

Weiss’ other international branches took notice of the company’s sleek new online presence, too. “We have 17 branches out there, including Germany,” Mr. Fraede explained. “The best signal for us that the website was a success was that now we have a hard time keeping sales organizations and other countries patient as they wait to get their own country sites as well. They want it now.”

While Weiss’ digital presence was in a state of emergency when Mr. Fraede first stepped forward at the company’s helm, Big Zeta turned a floundering two-year project into a four-week success. “These were experts, and they did what they promised to do. It worked. And now everybody’s happy,” Fraede said.

Digital Presence
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