Digital Transformation in the Electronics Industry

Listen in as Steve Cholas, Vice President of Business Development for Big Zeta, talks with Jackie Mattox from Women in Electronics. They discuss the passion it takes to succeed in your chosen field and the importance of evolving with the times–as Cholas puts it, you’re either part of it or you’re out of it. Cholas emphasizes the importance of digital transformation across industries, and identifies the most exciting things about working in or even near technology.

As businesses move forward, the ecosystem where they thrive becomes greater, broader, and more technologically diverse. It is essential that leadership in these companies learn to embrace and prepare for a digital transformation. Cholas describes how information in the form of data analytics, unavailable years ago, is crucial to understanding how businesses can grow and yet, distributors and component manufacturers don’t have the right people to distill these down to actionable items. Learn why creating spaces for mentorship and sponsorship within companies is essential, and hear Cholas discuss his own mentors over the years.

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