Digital Presence Done Right

Whether you need to create a new site or upgrade an existing one, Big Zeta’s team of software developers, designers, and electrical engineers helps high tech companies strengthen digital presence through results-focused strategy, execution, and transformation.

Tailored Solutions for the B2B Buyer

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The Big Zeta Difference

We're a specialist, not a generalist. That means we build a comprehensive, electronics industry-specific digital presence that acquires, engages, and converts buyers. We emphasize digital interaction with a scalable, strategic approach that prioritizes the user experience, analytics, content management, and functional design.

Remove Roadblocks to Your Digital Strategy

In an increasingly digital world, a strong digital presence differentiates the great websites from the mediocre ones. 
Our team of software developers, designers, and electrical engineers helps suppliers and distributors strengthen their digital presence through results-focused strategy, execution, and transformation.

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Convert Customers

Delight and convert customers with proven B2B website solutions.

Optimize, Refresh, Revolutionize

Optimize, Refresh, Revolutionize

Make change at a speed that works for your business.

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Crush Complexity

Simple, scalable, and supportable solutions free your teams to focus on the products they sell.

Solutions for Companies of Every Size

With tailored B2B website solutions, companies of all sizes can have engaging, industry-tailored digital presence that differentiates them from competitors, offers scalability and affordability, and is supportable by your digital teams. 

Digital Presence Services Breakdown

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Get the Solutions You Need, When You Need Them

Choose the web products and solutions you need as your digital presence grows. Website design, e-commerce, content management, demand generation, and customer insights are ready when you are.

Weiss and Big Zeta

Big Zeta turned a floundering two-year project into a four-week success.

“These were experts, and they did what they promised to do. It worked. And now everybody’s happy.”

- CEO Michael Fraede.

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Put us to the test, and we’ll compare your site search with Big Zeta Site Search. Gain valuable, real-world insights on your keyword site search and learn how Big Zeta can help you take search to the next level. 

Interested in expanding your digital presence? Contact us about custom digital presence packages. From website design to e-commerce and tech stack, Big Zeta’s team of experts will help achieve your goals.