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Solve for asymmetrical design

Digital Design tools often lack the cohesiveness to guide users through the entire design process. In Big Zeta’s Design Hub, you can digitize your design milestones, from buyer’s journey to tool journey to your demand funnel in a central management portal. 


The total design package

Our digital Design Hub can be categorized in four parts– a portal, design signal, guided design, and analytics hub. With modular capability, it sets a foundation for the future, creating the missing link between awareness and eCommerce.


The missing digital link

Big Zeta’s cross-feature management means increased demand funnel engagement and increased engagement in and utilization of digital investments. By leveraging all of your assets–including documents, communities, content, new and existing tools, partners, support teams, and components–Big Zeta’s Design Hub offers a truly one-stop design shop solution.


A modular approach

From an easy to use customizable admin interface, you can manage users, view analytics, and increase design velocity with a platform that allows engineers to quickly and conveniently design with company-supplied components. Manage multiple tools, identify next steps for designers, and push signals to ai/ml and sales teams in a central location.