Big Zeta’s robust design tools are engineered to bridge the gap between awareness and ecommerce, building a demand generation foundation that helps you reach your business goals. Our tool suite focuses on engaging engineers throughout the design journey, utilizing real time data, customizable interfaces, and scalability.


Why Digital Collaboration Wins

Amidst a global pandemic, companies are relying on digital spaces more than ever–72% of engineers are now working remotely. Covid-19 is changing the way we work now and in the future, which makes unified tool suites an instrumental part of your business.


From easier communication between team members to central work and storage hubs for design engineers to simple interfaces for your customers, Big Zeta can help form the foundation of your success with smart, easy to use tools for every engineer.


Bloqq Diagram

Publish interactive block diagrams.

Enable your end users to create interactive content that integrates seamlessly with your current web experience.



Mark up datasheets and share.

Users can write notes in a document, download it and send it to colleagues.


Gerber Drop

Analyze PCB board files.

Drop a Gerber file to analyze and view its contents. Works great for PCB processing apps!


Product Configurator

Guide engineers to a working solution.

Configurators that fit any product structure for which a visual would streamline the selection process.


Part Number Builder

Find exact part numbers.

Help customers find the part they need using a tool that shortens the process.



Enhanced buyers journey with calculators..

We Help Solve For Asymmetrical Design

With a unified platform, actionable intelligence and analytics, integrated ecommerce best practices, and ultimate scalability, Big Zeta will help you respond to the design signals of your customers. We focus on cohesiveness so that you don’t have to.


Today’s engineers are asked to do more with less, which means they need tools that work cohesively, filling the potential gap in labor availability. They’re also asked to quickly develop expertise in additional disciplines. Our design tools provide the missing framework to quickly take engineers from ideation to PCB layout to firmware and software development–and everywhere in between.

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