Customer Intelligence

From buyer personas to competitive analysis, understanding your customer and your market provides valuable insights that lead to happy customers and higher conversion rates. Big Zeta’s suite of customer insight tools help you move your business forward by getting to know your audience.

Unleash Your Digital Potential


The Building Blocks of Informed Digital Presence

Execute on your digital strategy at the speed and quality your business and customers demand. From website design to
e-commerce and tech stack, Big Zeta’s team of experts will help achieve your goals. 

Persona Development

By developing a deep understanding of your customer, we’ll enable you to implement a digital strategy that’s based on more than anecdotal evidence, leading to insights that result in action.

Buyers Journey

Buyer's Journey

Provide more engaging experiences for your customers by understanding what motivates their buying behavior. Big Zeta will help map the buyer journey to identify opportunities for cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

Website Audit

Through our website audit process, Big Zeta will identify your website’s strengths and areas for improvement. With fresh eyes and years of industry experience, Big Zeta can create a prioritized and actionable list of upgrades.

Website Audit
Online Survey

Online Survey

Let Big Zeta write, conduct, and provide analysis for a survey of your employees, partners, or customers to provide the key findings and recommendations you’ll need to advocate for change in your organization. 

Competitive Analysis

A detailed expert review of your competitors is a great way to identify areas where your website could shine brighter. Big Zeta will build a shared understanding of the competition, including framework, investment, and content.

Competitive Analysis

Sample Scope

Big Zeta will work to build the customer insights that will drive your business. First, we’ll develop personas for your buyers, then we’ll map buyer journeys, conduct a thorough review of your website, and comprehensively review your biggest competitors. 


Develop Personas for North America
(3 personas)

journey for north america

Develop Buyer Journeys for
North America

conduct website review

Conduct Website Review
(3 pages English Site)


Conduct Website Competitive Analysis
(5 competitors)

Get to Know Your Users

70% of companies who missed revenue and lead goals did not conduct qualitative persona interviews, which makes a pretty good case for getting to know your users. Our persona research is thorough, providing you with video recordings, completed questionnaires, and written reviews of all interviews upon delivery of your persona presentations. 

Target Persona Definition

Target Subject Recruitment

Survey and Questionnaire Creation

Conduct Virtual or Live Persona Sessions

Analyze Key Findings

Persona-based Digital Recommendations

Document Key Personas

Presentation and Delivery of Findings and Recordings


The Why of Website Reviews

80% of B2B buying decisions are based on a buyer’s direct or indirect customer experience, and only 20% is based on the price of the actual offering, which means there’s power in your website. By providing a careful analysis of your site and those of your biggest competitors, Big Zeta can recommend a myriad of small and large ways to strengthen your user experience and online presence. 


time a user needs to form an opinion on a website. - Hook


of successful B2B marketers have a document content marketing strategy. - CMI


of B2B buyers will leave a website if there is lack of message. - Marketing Profs


of B2B Buyers say they want a personalized B2C experience.  - Accenture


of B2B buying decisions are based on a buyer’s direct or indirect customer experience, and only 2% is based on the price of the actual offering. - Blue Corona


of buyers are less likely to return to a site
after a bad experience. - Web FX

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