Content Creation
and Management

With years of experience working with electrical engineers and other stakeholders across high-tech industries, we’re trained to help you with the kinds of content you need. Our team of technical writers, editors, and engineers is dedicated to curating, assessing, managing, or even creating the content you need to take your site to the next level.

Content Creation and Management
content management
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Content Management

Our mission is to help you reach and engage your audience. From product descriptions, style guides, and content migration to marketing strategy and copywriting, everything we do supports brand-building and product sales. Our technical writers know that storytelling matters, regardless of your business.

Content Managment Services Breakdown

Content Migration
& CMS Training

Big Zeta is up to the task of migrating all website content from your current CMS into a new CMS, a massive undertaking that requires exhaustive and meticulous planning. We’ll also train your team in the new CMS.

Content Assessment & Gap Analysis

We’ll help wrangle and revise existing content based on a comprehensive content analysis that examines competitor sites, identifies areas for improvement, and strategizes a custom plan for you.

Content Curation
& Management

Let us upgrade your site, newsletter, or other in-house publications with a custom editorial calendar and articles curated to serve your brand and promote your products.

Content Creation
& Editing

Become a resource for your customers with fresh content, including expertly written blogs, white papers, or revamped messaging. Our team also loves a challenge, so rest assured that we can execute whatever custom content project you can dream up.

Youve Got a Story to Tell icon

You’ve Got a Story to Tell

No matter your company, you’ve got a story waiting to be told. Using a variety of content — from revamped product descriptions to thought leadership articles — that inform and entertain, Big Zeta can help humanize your employees, company, and products with thoughtfully constructed content.

You've Got a Story to Tell
customize content

Customized content can:

  • Increase your rank on Google
  • Establish your industry expertise and build trust 
with your audience
  • Help you reach new audiences
  • Increase the time that audiences spend on your site
  • Increase leads and conversions

Our experienced team of writers and editors excels at crafting the content you need to meet the needs of diverse audiences. Whether you’re looking for technical papers that educate, marketing content that defines your brand, or even specialized industry journalism, we’ve got you covered.

  • Blogs
  • Digital magazines
  • Company style guides
  • White papers
  • Website copy
  • Marketing collateral
  • Social media posts
  • About Us pages
custom content

The Big Zeta Difference

We recognize that some companies need content help for a single project, while others prefer a regular, scheduled approach. We’ll work with you to design a program that meets your challenges within whatever time frame is most convenient for you — at a price point that works within your budget.

Because it is so scalable, content is an easy way to create big wins for your site. By refreshing stale copy, publishing fresh content regularly, or removing content that no longer serves your brand, Big Zeta can improve your messaging and your site with the power of words.