“Over the past two and a half years, we had just been trying to figure out what the best way to showcase the attributes of our products was,” says Jason Liu says Jason Liu, Digital Marketing Project Manager at Bivar. The company, who is a
In February of 2020, we were working on redeveloping our physical sample case that our sales people would carry around to show customers. And, three weeks later
Big Zeta was the only company that understood our industry and was able to provide valuable and tangible feedback that not only supported our strategy but enhanced it. “We reached out to five companies to understand
“When you think of solar, very few people think of Iowa. And when you think of tech implementation, very few people think of Idaho. It was perfect,” laughs Seth Hansen,
"Previously, we had a pretty nice part number builder on our website that not only spit out a part number, but also enabled website visitors to download one or many drawing file
“Before I knew about Big Zeta, I reached out to three or four different digital marketing firms. They had certain areas they specialized in, but they didn’t have direct experience within the industry,” says
By the time Michael Fraede joined Weiss GmBH as CEO, the company had already invested two years and thousands of dollars into its new website development.