Bloqq–Block Diagram

Big Zeta’s Bloqq allows your users to easily build and display interactive diagrams on your site. With customizations of your choosing, use Bloqq to create, maintain, and publish diagrams at the click of a button.

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Bloqq–Block Diagram

Bloqq–Block Diagram

Design engineers need tools that are as online as they are, working to engage them throughout the process. For electronics companies, this means greater intelligence on customer designs, which leads to actionable intelligence.

Bloqq, Big Zeta’s block diagram tool, allows users to create interactive content that incorporates seamlessly with your current web experience. By allowing designers to publish their block diagrams, Bloqq creates a space for teams to collaborate and ideate visually with integrated symbols and reference designs.


Embrace effortless

With no need for internal development, easy integration, accessible analytics at every stage of the buyer’s journey, and diagrams that remain on user’s system, Bloqq makes creation and collaboration simple.

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Differentiate your brand with Bloqq

Bloqq allows you to digitize the block diagrams on your site, increasing versatility and allowing your customers and partners to make their own diagrams. Whether you want to populate your interactive reference design library or utilize Bloqq as an innovative sales tool to communicate with customers, we’ve got you covered.


Build design into the digital presence buyer journey

Block diagram tools often lack the ability to personalize content, collaboration, and derive analytics. Their lack of digital signals make them all but useless as a sales tool, and difficult integration and inability to leverage an existing buyer’s journey leave companies and users frustrated. Bloqq paves the way for web-based collaboration and ideation with a customizable look and feel, expert support, and real time buyer insights.

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