Bivar Case Study
Bivar Jason Liu

“Over the past two and a half years, we had just been trying to figure out what the best way to showcase the attributes of our products was,” says Jason Liu, Digital Marketing Project Manager at Bivar. The company, who is a leading manufacturer of LED illumination products, PCB enclosure hardware, and LED indicators, operates in a highly technical industry, and had encountered difficulty in identifying a partner who could work within their complex product data to improve user searchability on their website.

Bivar Case Study

Liu explains that, while many companies have one set of data, Bivar has many. “Big Zeta has been helpful in getting our part data in line,” he explains, which has been crucial to helping them recognize their goal of a more searchable site. Previously, because Bivar sells over 25,000 parts, users were struggling to identify the attributes they wished to search for, which led to inaccurate results and lost sales for the company.

To clean up and sort their data, Bivar worked closely with Big Zeta’s team of experts to simplify part data into manageable, logical files. Initially, Liu says he and his team had a lot of questions because of the technical nature of some of the work. “But I could communicate with 
Big Zeta’s team and they’d talk to our development team to see if our goals were possible. They explained everything in a way that made it easy to understand because they’re experts in this area,” Liu says. He describes his interactions as very professional and pleasant.

Big Zeta’s team worked to make sure Bivar’s databases were working at full capacity, helping identify areas for cleanup and correcting errors throughout the process. By making recommendations for normalization, corrections, and omissions within the data, both teams worked together to establish a functional parametric search that provides a better user experience. Eventually, Bivar hopes to work with Big Zeta on an API key connection and further automating some of the processes they put in place.

Like many large projects, the vision for this went through several iterations as Bivar’s leadership team debated the best way to categorize and sort product data. From beginning to end, the process required exceptional communication, flexibility, and robust collaboration between the two companies. “Luckily, Big Zeta was there to help every step of the way, ultimately producing a parametric search that was worth the wait for Bivar and their customers,” says Liu.

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