4 Ways to Optimize Your E-Commerce Platform for B2B Users

When we think of E-commerce today, Shopping Cart, Check Out and Material Fulfillment come to mind. For manufacturers, particularly in the electronics industry, distribution has been the primary and most important business model. Manufacturers historically have chosen franchised distributors to handle all transactions - from design to samples to production orders - and that model often continues today.

There’s no doubt that the role distributors play to support manufacturers and generate sales will remain critical. However, manufacturers must augment the user experience to align with the changing dynamics of the digital marketplace. B2B users expect to do business directly, quickly, and easily.

In addition, manufacturer websites are the preferred choice of engineers and buyers for conducting part research. Unfortunately, too many manufacturer websites dead-end a user with product information and no Call to Action to guide next steps. Sure, the user may find a “Contact Us” button and a list of distributors many clicks away, but how many users will have bounced before executing all of those clicks?

It’s time to find other options to enhance the user experience, increase brand value, and deliver customer insights, with perhaps even a positive impact on the bottom line. Additional functionality will also create access to data and analytics. When provided in an actionable format, this data will be invaluable to product and marketing teams.

Here are four options to drive your E-commerce strategy to the next level and meet your users’ expectations:

Options to drive your E-commerce strategy-min

All of these options will keep your users engaged, create a better experience, and provide actionable insights. Big Zeta can help with each of these.


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