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We've brought together some of the best digital presence capabilities in the industry
to take your digital offerings to new heights

Engage customers with sleek website designs that balance aesthetics and functionality.

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Maximize your digital footprint and with an integrated content strategy that promotes growth, conversions, and visibility.

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Let Big Zeta simplify your product information to maintain accuracy, alignment, and opportunity.

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Optimize your online marketplace, providing your customers and prospects with a user experience that is second to none.

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From product configurators to 3D viewers, get R&D tools with speed, efficiency, and creativity.

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Derive important insights from our analytics platform, featuring real-time data and easy-to-use dashboards.

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Work done for 8 of the top global component manufacturers


Develop for 5 of the Top 50 Distributors


Combined years of Electronics Dev


Custom Electronics Projects and Products


SAAS Based Products

Featured Project

Weiss and Big Zeta

Once Big Zeta and Weiss kicked off their business relationship, time was of the essence.
The meandering two-year progress from the previous vendor had pushed Weiss up against a tight website launch deadline.
Could Big Zeta scrap the board and deliver a highly functional and technically accurate website in just four weeks?

Group 20@2

The Best Integrated B2B Electronics
Sites are built with Big Zeta

Big Zeta allows users to the create customizable dashboards that offer critical business insights.

Big Zeta’s exceptional SEO enhances the quality and quantity of website traffic through organic search engine results by providing on and off page optimization, keyword analysis, and more.


Big Zeta’s online-friendly features allow users to employ web presentations that enable the user to present the services and other features to an audience via the internet.

Web Presentation

Big Zeta provides a variety of user-friendly design tools devised to promote interactivity, content sharing, and part finding.

Design Tools

Big Zeta’s leading-edge search technology provides fast, accurate results that center search in your digital strategy. Our optimized keyword, parametric, or hybrid search offers real-time analytics in a sleek user interface, giving you the best possible SaaS-based search solution.


Big Zeta provides eCommerce solutions that improve the sales experience for your customers and create new sales channels for your business through custom dashboards, integrated eCommerce, and more.


Big Zeta’s enhanced content management builds your online presence through content auditing, migrating, styling, creation, and analysis.

Content Management

Big Zeta offers a professional PIM system with tools and solutions to centralize the user’s service information to ensure a single accurate view of the product data.


Big Zeta utilizes an optimal User Management system that authorizes appointed administrators to handle user access to various IT resources. *

User Management

Big Zeta is equipped with a secured supplier portal that enables the user to cooperate with various suppliers in an online domain.

Supplier Portal

Big Zeta integrates business process with specialized ERP software to assist with the managing of daily business/website activities.


Big Zeta designs websites that support the principles and requirements set forth in the Americans With Disabilities Act (2020) to create an accessible and barrier-free environment.
Big Zeta builds websites that collect, store, and process personal information in compliance with the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Policy, which gives users control over their personal data.
Standards (ADA/GDPR)

Keys to Conversion


Convert potential buyer’s signals into actionable analytics and qualification metrics that will help generate leads.

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Build a demand capability that harnesses online and offline assets to deliver high-quality leads and design wins.

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Rev Lead-Gen Engine


Leverage our high-tech industry expertise to customize digital strategies that help propel your business.

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Maximize Digital Dollars


Combine elegant and seamlessly functional designs to craft a buyer’s journey that helps feed your bottom line.

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optimize buyers journey


We’ve mastered the art of creating sleek and functional interfaces as well as designs that create a first-rate user experience.

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Improve User Experience


Work done for 8 of the top global component manufacturers


Develop for 5 of the Top 50 Distributors


Combined years of
Electronics Dev


Custom Electronics Projects and Products


SAAS Based